Owners Only Webinar Series

In our ongoing effort to promote fair, open, and transparent procurement practices, the BCCA has developed a webinar series for public sector owners ONLY. 

Owners Only webinars provide a safe space for education and the sharing of best practices on procurement, tendering, and contracts and their administration, interpretation and application. These sessions will help demystify our industry, and build trust with the Public Sector.

Past speakers include:

  • Geza Banfai, Counsel, Construction & Infrastructure, McMillan LLP & ex-officio legal counsel for CCDC 
  • Mike Demers, Michael G. Demers Law Corp.
  • Vanessa Werden, Partner, Jenkins Marzban logan LLP
  • Ray Bassett, Vice President & Strategy Officer, Construction Services, Travelers Bond & Specialty Insurance

Past topics include:

  • Delivery methods 101, Part 1: Design-Bid-Build and “Construction Management”
  • How Procurement Strategies Shape Project Outcomes
  • Risky Business: Career Contractors on Public Sector Procurement
  • How CCDC Contracts Can Help Project Delivery

These FREE, bi-monthly, online webinars are for procurement, purchasing, and project management professionals from municipalities, BC Ministries, Crown Corporations, Health Authorities, universities, and school districts across the province. The Owners Only webinars typically include over 200 attendees – so you’ll be in good company.  

If you are a public owner and want to receive future webinar invitations, Subscribe here. 

Note: We will exclude any subscriptions from non-owners.